google spreadsheetをデータソースとして使う。


SIMILE Widgets | TimelineというJavaScipt年表フレームワークがあります。


使い方としては、ガントチャート風の年表や、SIMILE Widgets | Timeline | Examples | Compact Painterという風な画像年表なども作る事ができます。

timemap -

Javascript library to help use a SIMILE timeline with online maps including Google, OpenLayers, and Bing. - Google Project Hosting




Simple example of retrieving JSON feeds from Spreadsheets Data API - Google Data APIs — Google Developers

Simple example of retrieving JSON feeds from Spreadsheets Data API


This sample demonstrates displaying a list or cells feed for a particular worksheet in a spreadsheet using the JSON output format provided by the Spreadsheet Data API. This allows you to query a spreadsheet's public list or cell feed and get the resulting entries returned as JSON objects. To use the new JSON feed, create a script element whose src value is

where feed is the type of feed, key is the key of the spreadsheet you want to retrieve, the worksheet is the positional or unique identifier of the worksheet, and myFunc is the name of your callback function that is passed the JSON object. For more information on JSON output support for Google data APIs please see our JSON output support documentation.

Note: Retrieving a feed without authentication is only supported for published spreadsheets.

Note: Other feed types and visibility and projection values may be used with JSON output support. For more information on other feed types, and visibility and projection values please see the Spreadsheet Data API documentation.